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> Rolenames: Rosa
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Ecrit le : Mercredi 22 Mars 2006 10h07
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Characternames and/or discription from ROSA.

Yuen Biao = 'Little monster' Hsia
Lo Koon Ting = 'Moustache' Lei Kung
Hui Ying Hung = sister of Lo Koon Ting
Luk Siu Fan = Rosa
Chun Pui = Mr. Tien
Maria Yuen Chin Wai = Mrs. Tien (not sure.)
Tien Jun = Mr. Wang Ping Tang
Fung Ging Man= Mr. Tai, loanshark
Chan Lung = son of Fung Ging Man
Huang Ha = Chui Chow Han
Hsu Hsia = Mr. Ho
Chu Tau = Hsiung, Mr. Ho's man
Cho Cha Lee = Li Wei Feng, the informer.
Di Wei = one of Wang's men
Chung Faat = one of Wang's men
Tai San = killer in restaurant
Chan Chuen = 'pickpocket'
Yeung Sai Gwan = thief
Pan Yun Cheung = cop
Law Hoi Kai = drives yellow sportscar
Chui Chung Hok = one of Tai's men
Ko Sau Leung = drives through red traffic-light
Lok Ying Kwan = car seller
Baan Yun Sang = Roger, cop
Tai Bo = Moore, cop
Ka Lee = cop
Yuen Miu = cop
Ching Sau Yat = plays soccer, later mini-van driver.

For additions and modifications, please use a PM, so we can keep this post short.

Pieter, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
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