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Ecrit par: ah_thomas Lundi 26 Septembre 2011 10h07
Gary Wong collaborated on he has just released a book based on his own blog, with 200 locations to visit in Hong Kong. It's called Film Pilgrimage 電影朝聖 and it is mainly in Chinese.
I have had the opportunity to write a foreword for this book.

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It is available online at the publisher website and on the Commercial Press website


More info soon icon13.gif

Red Corporation Limited
240 pp
HKD $98
ISBN 978-988-8122-39-4

Ecrit par: ah_thomas Vendredi 07 Octobre 2011 15h07
I have received Gary Wongís book and I have to say that itís pretty cool and it contains nice photos.

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Gary plans to make an English version, but nothing is sure yet and I donít know when it will happen.

As the book is in Chinese, and I was a little bit involved with it, Iím only going to introduce it and I wonít review it.

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The book is divided into chapters corresponging to countries and within the Hong Kong chapter, by far the biggest, Gary divided the location by districts.

The main parts are HK, Macau, China, Taiwan, and some other locations under the ďOthersĒ chapter (Japan, Europe).

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For each location, Gary provides the name and address of the place, photos, a short description or history, and he tells how the location is featured in the film, and also he shortly comments on the film.

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Some location names, film talent names and film titles are in English, but everything else is written in Traditional Chinese.

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The luckiest among you able to read Chinese will be able to appreciate this guide and to visit Hong Kong from a new perspective discovering not only HK rich film culture but also wonderful culture and architecture.

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There are not just film locations to check out in Hong Kong. Here are details on Bruce Lee's former residence.

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The book ends with the footprint chapter on three of Gary's favorite filmmakers, Bruce Lee, Johnnie To and Wong Kar Wai.

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This is a tribute to an eatery that was demolished during the making of this book. It was a location for Johnnie To's Sparrow, among other films.

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The last few pages consist in a table summarising all the locations reviewed in the book and a few pages of resources.
There are about 240 pages in total.

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Ecrit par: ah_thomas Mardi 11 Octobre 2011 10h13
Table of contents:

第一章:朝聖中上環 (懷舊行) Central & Sheung Wan (Old)
第三章:朝聖灣仔、銅鑼灣 (Wan Chai, Causeway Bay)
第四章:朝聖港島西 (Hong Kong Island West)
第五章:朝聖港島東 (Hong Kong Island East)
第六章:朝聖港島南 (Hong Kong Island East)
第七章:朝聖尖沙咀 (Tsim Sha Tsui)
第八章:朝聖九龍西 (Kowloon West)
第九章:朝聖九龍東 (Kowloon East)
第十章:朝聖新界西 (New Territories West)
第十一章:朝聖新界東 (New Territories East)
第十二章:朝聖大嶼山、離島 (Lantau, Outlying Islands)
澳門篇 Macau
中國篇 China
台灣篇 Taiwan
外地篇 Others
足跡搜尋 Footprint
1 李小龍 Bruce Lee
2 王家衛 Wong Kar-wai
3 杜琪峰 Johnnie To
參考資料 Reference

If you live in HK, I am sure there is a place near your home, a bar, an eatery, a school, a hotel or old building, etc., that was once used in a movie!

Ecrit par: ah_thomas Mardi 11 Octobre 2011 15h22
By the way, any feedback, positive or negative, is welcome.gif. I'll pass any comment along to the author. icon13.gif

Ecrit par: manolo Mardi 11 Octobre 2011 16h23
The book is really beautiful and the content looks like a holy bible to Hong Kong film fans! worthy.gif

So sad the English version won't be available before my trip to HK. goutte.gif

I'm expexting it before the next one. icon13.gif

Ecrit par: ah_thomas Mercredi 12 Octobre 2011 09h34
Thank you, Manolo, hopefully an English version will come out. icon13.gif


As an update, Gary sent me this info:

-The book is now distributed in most book stores in HK including various large stores such as:
1. Commercial Press
2. Joint Publishing
3. Popular
4. Cosmos
5. Chung Hwa
6. Some small book stores such as Best Reading Book Stores ( in Mong Kok & Causeway Bay also carry the book.

-Overseas readers may buy the book online via:
1. Commercial Press, cp1897
2. the publisher: Red Publish
3. hkbookcity. (with 5% discount)

-So far, two media outlets have recommended the book:
1. The Sun (10 Oct)
2. AM730 (12 Oct)

Ecrit par: Chocobox Lundi 17 Octobre 2011 22h20
I must say these informations on HK Film location were really useful during my short trip in HK, and I would be glad to buy the book when it's edited in english !

Ecrit par: ah_thomas Mardi 18 Octobre 2011 09h56
icon13.gif Cool and happy you liked the info and they were useful.
welcome.gif to this forum biggrin.gif

Ecrit par: sadie Lundi 11 Mars 2013 03h41
Is there a version of this book in English yet?

- Sadie

Ecrit par: ah_thomas Dimanche 09 Juin 2013 14h23
Hello, there is no English version of this book. The author is working on more projects and he hopes to get an English version out as well as a Chinese version.

Ecrit par: gweilo8888 Lundi 29 Juillet 2013 05h04
Just stumbled on this thread -- and the book -- after trying to locate the building from Fallen Angels myself. (I found Yue Man Mansion myself on Google Maps, after noticing Kwun Tong and Yau Tong lane markings on the road, and guessing where you'd have to be to seee those. I was trying to confirm if I was right that it was the place, which I *seem* to be. Cool!)

Anyway, the book sounds very interesting, and I too would love to see an English-language version. I'm an ex-Hong Kong'er myself, born and raised there and now live in the States, but sadly can't read any Chinese.

An eBook would be doubly interesting, if there's any chance of that. (Much easier to carry my tablet or phone around town on my next HK trip than a physical book.)

Ecrit par: ah_thomas Lundi 29 Juillet 2013 19h00
At the time I mentioned a translated version, the author told me that he plans a tome 2, as an e-book version, and hopes he'll be able to get it translated into English. Hopefully, will be able to enjoy this soon.

You can also check out our English language film location guide :

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