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Ecrit par: Jean-Louis Lundi 27 Octobre 2014 09h41
Hi, Carlos need help with 1 movie... (hope you can help him)

It's about a group of kids that train in the woods, one of the them (the older one) was trained in the art of drunken kung fu...I remember the kids found in some sort of temple or graveyard a blue vampire that jumped everywhere (they woke him up), and this vampire confused one of the kids (the little fat one) with his dead son, and saved him from the bad guys when the fight against a mafia or something like that started.

It was a pretty funny movie. The vampire in the movie was just an anecdote, I think....That movie focused mainly on the group of kids... I also remember they trained jumping around trees.

I'm not sure if it's one of the thunder ninjas saga. I think it's not because in the one I've seen there were many blue vampires, but the movie I'm asking about, had only one, but it's not a vampire kung fu movie perse, it's more like a Lucky Seven type of movie, but with that vampire detail.

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