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> Malaise Dans Le Cinema Chinois, c'est shenzhen daily qui le dit...
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Ecrit le : Dimanche 24 Octobre 2010 14h45
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Monkey king

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Film malaise: problems behind China’s rising film industry

DOMESTIC films seem to be entering their best times, with blockbusters such as “Aftershock” and “Under the Hawthorn Tree” acquiring much influence as well as box-office success.

But amid the unprecedented prosperity, problems are simmering, industry insiders said during the 19th Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival in Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province last week.

The monopoly of blockbusters, heavy use of product placement and lengthy pre-movie advertising, exaggerated box-office figures and a lack of production technicians were the major problems hindering the growth of China’s film industry, industry insiders attending the festival said.

While some blockbusters made huge profits, most films failed in the fierce competition and lost money. In July, 14 films were screened, but only one — “Aftershock” — was profitable.

Some filmmakers, publishers and theaters had formed a monopoly to control prices, film promotions and screening frequency. Therefore, audiences had little choice but to watch a few blockbusters during a specific period of time, said Professor Dai Jinhua, director of the Center for Cinema Studies and Cultural Studies at Beijing University.

“It’s hard for low-cost and artistic films to survive on the domestic market,” said Zhang Huijun, vice chairman of the China Film Association.

“The result is that the box office is dominated by a few blockbusters and this trend is particularly obvious this year,” said Yin Hong, director of the Center for Film and Television Studies at Qinghua University.

The lengthy commercials and awkward product placements were driving audiences away from domestic films. In September, a Xi’an man sued the filmmaker and publisher of “Aftershock” for the long pre-film advertising he was forced to watch. The 140-minute film followed 15 minutes of commercials in most theaters and, in some, the commercials lasted 24 minutes. The blockbuster earned more than 100 million yuan (US$15m) from product placement.

“There should be a bottom line for advertising in any form. The audiences might tolerate advertisements — but not if the they are poorly placed,” said Cao Leilei, assistant president of the Chinese National Academy of Arts.

Fake box-office figures were another thing widely criticized. Earlier this year, the producer of the film “Robot Kids” (“Shen Bing Xiao Jiang”) said takings for the film’s first week reached 40 million yuan, more than twice the actual figure of 17 million yuan. Box-office takings for “Aftershock” remain a mystery after theaters, the producer and the director each announced different figures.

Meanwhile, a lack of technicians had become a bottleneck for the Chinese film industry, with many trainee film technicians becoming actors and schools were severely short of technical teachers, according to industry insiders.

“Aftershock,” for example, hired more than 70 foreign technicians for five minutes of special effects for the earthquake. Director Feng Xiaogang said he did not dare entrust the job to Chinese technicians, who, he claimed, could not use the imported equipment properly. (Helen Deng)

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Vu trop tard, mais superbe article. Mille mercis mon petit schtroumpf smile.gif wub.gif

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merci pour vos informations.
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