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Ecrit par: ramnair23 Dimanche 22 Avril 2012 09h31
Hey folks this maybe an already discussed topic so feel free to direct me to where this is being/was already discussed.

While reading up on info on the HK stars I found that a lot of them that pass off as martial artists actually had no formal training in martial arts. Moon Lee, Michelle Yeoh, Aaron Kwok (infact it was their dance background that helped them pass of as martial artists), Bryan 'Beardie' Leung are some of them I found out about.

Who are some of the other martial arts stars that've had no previous martial arts training?

Ecrit par: pieter53 Dimanche 22 Avril 2012 09h48
welcome.gif on this forum!

Altough it's not a real identification request I believe it's okay to leave it here.

One of the most famous artist without Martial Arts training is Leung Kar Yan, Liang Jia Ren, 梁家仁 and of course there are numerous artists that 'only' have a Opera School training, like the Yuen brothers.

Ecrit par: ramnair23 Dimanche 22 Avril 2012 13h12
thanks Pieter

Ecrit par: ramnair23 Dimanche 22 Avril 2012 13h21
btw did u mean 'introdcution' by identification request?

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