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Ecrit par: ah_thomas Lundi 19 Septembre 2005 13h22
It is convenient to register and it just needs a few cllicks.

1. To Register:
Please hit "Inscription" on the top blue area
Or follow this link
You'll have instructions in English.

Please pay special attention when filling in the anti-spam field and the security code. It will help you register much faster as we have numerous fake registrations on a daily basis. So it takes time to sort it out

We have automatized half of the procedure, so your confirmation email should hit your email box much faster.

2. To Log On:
Once you registered and you have receive the confirmation email, you can log on.
Please hit "connexion" on the top blue area
Or follow this link
You'll have instructions in English.

user posted image

Once logged in, you may choose the English language and HKCinemagic English skin:
-Hit "Mes contrôles" on the top blue area or click here
-Scroll down the page to "options"
-Click "Skin et langages"
-Change the language from French to English
-Change the skin into HKCinemagic English
-Hit "Changer les options de mon compte" to validate the changes

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

If you encounter any difficulty, please email the administrator at
contact [at] hkcinemagic [dot] com with "forum registration" typed in the subject field.

Ecrit par: ah_thomas Vendredi 04 Mars 2011 16h35
We've made a few changes for the security field and the anti-spam field too.
So we should be able to sort the real registrations from the bot ones. Hopefully that will make it easier on everyone and you should be able to register and log on very quickly. icon13.gif

Thanks for your patience.

If anything fails, send me an email with your loggin info.
contact [at] hkcinemagic [dot] com

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