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Ecrit par: kalho Mardi 02 Juin 2015 18h23

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Karl, I am originally from Hong Kong and now living in Paris for my studies. I am a cinema student at Université Paris 8. And I speak both Cantonese, English and French.

I found this site by chance. Knowing that there are not much Hongkongeses in France, maybe I could help you guys in knowing more about Hongkongese culture. Feel free to add my facebook: Karl Leigh or contact me by mail:

Besides, I am actually looking for an internship in Paris (in the field of cinema). If anyone of you knows someone or any company that offers internships, could you please let me know?

Finally, nice meeting you guys!

Ecrit par: pieter53 Dimanche 07 Juin 2015 21h12
Hi Karl,

welcome.gif to this forum.
As you may have noticed there are not many activities on the English board these last years.
So don't hesitate to post on the French forum.
Lots of people posting there can read English too.
You may get more reactions on your request.
Good luck!

Regards Pieter

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