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> To à Propos D'andy, Sammie Et Takeshi
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Ecrit le : Dimanche 05 Décembre 2004 03h55
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Johnnie To thought Takeshi Kaneshiro strange

Johnnie To who has made over 50-60 movies is the best to comment on actors. To him, Sammi Cheng, who looks full of character and expressive, is one who has talent but does not have the basis of acting. As for Takeshi Kaneshiro, he said his acting skills are stable, but a bit strange. As for Tony Leung Chiu Wai and Chow Yun Fat, he said they are stable and professional. As for his favorite - Andy Lau of Yesterday Once More, Johnnie To smiled and said, "He is Star and he is hardworking." Johnnie wants most to work with Stefanie Sun because she is common enough.

It appears to everyone that Johnnie To loves Andy Lau the best. From Running Out of Time to Yesterdday Once More, Johnnie said that Andy changed for every movie and was willing to accept challenge. At the conclusion of Yesterday Once More, Johnnie To has planned to develop new combination and he was planning to invite Stefanie Sun. Then who would be the co-star? Johnnie To said without having to think, "Andy Lau!" Wouldn't the age difference be too big? Johnnie said very decidedly, "Not at all. Very suitable!" When Stefanie Sun sang the theme song TURN LEFT TURN RIGHT, in order to get the right feel, she called Johnnie To from the studio especially and so impressed him.

Sammi has cooperated with Johnnie To for six times and he said she has very natural acting and on impulse. But without training, the moment she has a lot of NGs, she easily loses her confidence and feel. For Johnnie To, he was impressed with the cooperation with Chow Yun Fat (EIGHTH HAPPINESS, AH LONG, PEACE HOTEL) and with Tony Leung Chiu Wai (THE LONGEST NITE). They were professional and stable. No matter how the environment change, they were solid as rock. Johnnie To only speaks honestly. He said Andy Lau, Tony Leung and Chow Yun Fat are all different. And he used the word STAR to propel Andy's status.

Johnnie who has worked with Takeshi Kaneshiro in THE EXECUTIONERS, THE ODD ONE DIES, TURN LEFT TURN RIGHT, Johnnie felt Takeshi the person and his acting skills have matured. Later on, Johnnie said that Takeshi is a bit strange and somehow he felt a sense of distance with Takeshi. Could it be he's shy or he closed himself up? Johnnie laughed and said,"Then have to see what the doctor says." Could it be that Johnnie To was too cross, Johnnie laughed and said he's no longer cross, unless they are too stupid to be taught, then he would scold them.

Johnnie To loves making male movies like THE MISSION, PTU. He has very few scenes of passionate love, bedscenes or nakeness. He explained that he didn't know how to make such type of movies and he rarely put his energy in these scenes. He also said that he never demonstrated to his actors. As to Wong Kar Wai who could roll around to show his actors how to make a passionate scene, Johnnie To laughed and said, "How could I roll around with Sammi Cheng?" (Wong Kar Wai actually rolled around with his assistant director.)

Johnnie To's next movie would be a gangster movie called Suen Lo Jor ¿ï¦Ñ§¤ with Louis Koo and Tony Leung Kar Fai and a pick pocket movie called Man Jeuk ¤å³¶ with Simon Yam and Kelly Lin.

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