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Ecrit par: pieter53 Vendredi 24 Mars 2006 10h44
Names as on the subtitels of IVL HongKong DVD.

Lau Wing = Emperor Chien Lung.
Wong Yu = 'prince' Qing, Chau Yi Qing.
Tin Ching = Lord 'Nine thousand years of age'.
Cheng Miu = Royal teacher Lau.
Chiang Nan = court official, Lorrd Jiang.
Shum Lo = emperor's servant.
Cheung Hei = court official.
Shut Chung Tin = fortune teller Ma Boon Sin.
Leung Gwing Wan = unlucky man, falls in shit.
? Heinz = unlucky man on bridge.
Yeung Chak Lam = lucky man, who finds the silver.
Lun Ga Chun = jelly seller Chan.
Kong Heung = casino owner.
Hsu Hsia = casino thug.
Yuen Wah = casino thug.
San Kuai = casino thug.
Yuen Kwai = casino thug, second fight.
? Fei Lian = extra in crowd
To Wing Leung = extra
Paang Paang = Master Leung, Magistrate of Nan An.
Wang Han Chen = Master Liu; Master Leung's man.
Fung Ging Man = warden.
Chu Yao Ko = gambler.
Chu Siu Boh = pawn shop owner.
Lui Hung = pawn shop owner's first wife.
Ching Si = pawnshop owner's second wife.
Lam Fung = Ah Liu (Ah lin), young pawnshop worker.
Wong Ching Ho = second uncle, old pawnshop worker.
Cheng Kwun Min = councilor Mao, right hand of Tin Ching.
Mai Laan = 'Dummy' a whore.
Tsang Choh Lam = servant at the brothel.
Ha Ping = the witch Madam Ping.
Chan Shen = priest, river God.
Liu Wai = Magistrate
Lo Yuen Yan = Magistrate's 2nd wife.
Lee Pang Fei = Govenor
? nose = extra in crowd and in casino.
Cheung Chok Chow = extra in crowd
Lau Jun Fai = fighter in the castration room.
Keung Hon = fighter in the castration room.
Fung Hak On = fighter in the castration room.

The IVL DVD contains a wrong portret on the information about Chiang Yang (Kong Yeung).

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