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> Info On: Dragon And Tiger Kids.
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Ecrit le : Jeudi 23 Mars 2006 11h19
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The Dragon and the Tiger kids.
Names as on the subtitles of the Eastern Heroes DVD.

Hwang Jang Lee = Lu Shan Tu, devil stick fighter.
Meng Yuen Man = Hsiao Hu, friend of Meng Hoi.
Meng Hoi = Shih Hai Lung, friend of Meng Yuen Man.
Jason Pai Piao = Ching Wha Li, sifu of Meng Yuen Man.
Lau Hok Nin = Master Wang Fu Hu, owner Dragon Tiger Gate school, father of Meng Yuen Man.
Yip Fei Yang = Tiao Erh, 'nephew' of Lau Hok Nin.
Kwan Yung Moon = Shi Pen Li, sworn father of Meng Hoi.
Wan Han Cheng = Uncle Fu, sevant at the Dragon Tiger Gate school.
Hsu Hsia = Master Hsu Yu of the white crane school, hits Yip Fei Yang in the eye.
Lee Chun Wa = stick carrier/right hand of Hwang Jang Lee.
Tai San = 2nd man who plays stick-game with Pai Piao.
Wong Mei = Master Liu Chia Wen, king of sticks, third man who plays stick-game with Pai Piao.
Baan Yun Sang = one of the four snakes, brownish suit, gets killed in trap.
Lin Ke Ming = one of the four snakes, grey suit.
Yeung Sai Gwan = helps Baan Yun Sang to fight Meng Hoi.
Chui Fat = ???
Cheung Hei = Village elder.
? Fei Lian = Village elder.
Ho Kei Cheong = helps Yip Fei Yang in his last fight
Lo Wai = pupil of the white crane school.
Kei Ho Chiu = fighter at Hwang Jang Lee's place.

The translated Chinese titel of this film is: Dragon Tiger Gate/School.
Eastern Heroes DVD runs 85 min (the cover says about 90 min.). It has burnt in subtitles (sometimes hard to read), Cantonese sound and some strange scene-endings (are parts missing?).

For additions and modifications, please use a PM, so we can keep this post short.

Pieter, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
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