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> Info: Death Duel 1977
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Ecrit le : Lundi 27 Mars 2006 13h33
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Death Duel.
Names as on the IVL DVD.

Yee Tung Sing = hopeless Ah Chi.
Ling Yun = Yen Shih San.
Chan Ping = Mu Yung Chiu Ti.
Chiang Da Wei = Mu Yung Chien Lung
Chu Siu Keung = Mu Yung's swordsman
Ngaai Fei = one of the Yu Mien brothers.
Goo Goon Chung = one of the Yu Mien brothers.
San Kuai = Taoist swordsman, opening scene.
Chui Chung San = swordsman in white, opening scene.
Cheng Miu = keeper Divine Sword maison.
Shum Lo = ferryman Divine Sword Maison.
Fan Mei Sheng = mute, works at the brothel.
Ha Ping = Fan Mei Sheng's wife.
Yuen Wah = stabs Yee Tung Sing.
Sai Gwa Paau = extra at the brothel.
Ku Feng = Miao Tzu
Yu On On = Hsiao Li, Ku Feng's sister.
OuYang Sha Fei = mother of Ku Feng.
Fung Ging Man = Ku Feng's boss.
Lam Fai Wong = Yang Wu, collects 'taxes'.
Liu Wai = Lam Fai Wong's assistant.
Yeung Chi Hing = Chief Yang of the Tiger Society, uncle of Lam Fai Wong.
Wang Lung Wei = Tiger society member.
Luk Kim Ming = Tiger society member.
Wong Pau Gei = Tiger society member.
Chan Shen = Leader of the Hei Sha Clan.
Yuen Kwai = Japanese Hei Sha Clan member.
(Tino) Wong Chueng = Japanese Hei Sha Clan member.
Lau Wai Ling = girl chased by Yuen Kwai and Wong Cheung.
Chan Gwok Kuen = one of the eight spirit catchers.
Yuen Shun Yee = one of the eight spirit catchers.
Yueh Hua = doctor Tu Lang Chun Chou Yu Feng.
Yen Nan Chi = waitress at tavern.
Kok Lee Yan = father of Yen Nan Chi, tavern boss.
Lau Luk Wa = scholar at tavern.
Lo Lieh = Han Tang, guest at tavern.
Chan Si Gaai = girl, get's bullied by Wan Han Chen.
Wan Han Chen = bully, outside tavern.
Ti Lung = woodcutter Fu Hung Hsueh.

For additions and modifications, please use a PM, so we can keep this post short.

Pieter, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
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