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Ecrit par: Tang Lung Mardi 26 Août 2008 13h20
stars J. Hu Chang , Liet Ko-Yuem

directed by Lau Kin

Does anyone know the English title for this movie , have looked everywhere & no result...... whistle.gif

Thanks !

Ecrit par: pieter53 Mardi 26 Août 2008 15h21
welcome.gif on this forum Tang Lung.

I will try to find an answer, but where do you have the title and the names from?
Any chance of finding a better transcription of title and names or even characters?

Ecrit par: Tang Lung Mercredi 27 Août 2008 07h19's the Italian title btw.......

Ecrit par: pieter53 Mercredi 27 Août 2008 07h46
Yes, I noticed.
I saw the posters biggrin.gif

But I can't make out who they mean with: J. Hu Chang , Liet Ko-Yuem and Lau Kin, do you?

Ecrit par: Tang Lung Dimanche 19 Octobre 2008 18h50
His name is Han Chang Hu but found no info about this movie on imdb yet :/

Ecrit par: pieter53 Dimanche 19 Octobre 2008 19h37
You mean the IMDB lists him as Han Chang Hu!
His name probably is Chang Hu Han! (The IMDB puts the surname at the end! Chinese names start with the surname but Hu isn't a common surname)
But I can't find any actor with this name, nor with any combination of two of the three words. blush.gif

Ecrit par: ha14 Jeudi 18 Août 2016 19h31
MAybe it is IRON BULL

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