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> Yellow Skin (1985) Hk Gangster Drama, 大紐約華埠風雲
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Ecrit le : Lundi 11 Août 2014 15h59
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Yellow Skin (1985)

Has anyone here seen the movie in question? I watched it from the japanese vhs. The dialogue is in both chinese and english, but mainly in chinese. But there's enough enough english to undetstand what's going on.
A "Bullet Ballet" (as the HKMDB says) it is not. It's a gangster drama set in Usa between the triad and the african american gangsters.
Contains among others a fairly brital axe attack and a cool end fight between the rivaling gangs.

A couple of interesting things. In a scene where a woman's boobies are shown the nipples are optically censored. Obviously not done by the japanese as they only blur genitalia. Also the english speaking persons sound dubbed.

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Ecrit le : Lundi 11 Août 2014 17h47
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Not seen. Sorry.

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Rather boring. I remember the scene of the ax. And the final sequence because brutal. Anything else.

in French

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