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> The Fortune Code 1990, film information
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Ecrit le : Mercredi 19 Juillet 2006 17h51
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>From the credits:

Presenter (Producer in English): (Wallace) Cheung.
Producer (executive producer in English): Cheung Chok Chung
Producer (executive producer in English): Kent Cheng Jak Si.
Planning (Production supervisor in English): (Eric) Tsang Chi Wai.
Planning (Production supervisor in English): (Clarence) Yip Wai Chung.
Planning (Line producer in English): (Eddie) Chan Shu Chi.
Planning (Line producer in English): (Stanley) Wu Siu Cheung.
Writer: Wong Ching = Wong Jing.
Writer: (Barry) Wong Ping Yu.
Production manager: Mak Lik Man.
Art director: Lam Chang Chi = (Jassie) Lam Chak Chi.
Camera: (Derek) Wan Man Kit.
Stunt co-ordinator: (Austin) Wai Tin Chi.
Stunt co-ordinator: Lee King Chu(e).
Stunt director: Chan Wu Ngar= (Billy) Chan Wui Ngai.
Stunt director: Yuen Pun = Yuen Bun.
second unit camera: (Gigo) Lee Ji Hang.
third unit camera: Ma Goon Wa (1).
editor: Wong Ming Lam.
lightning: (Eric) Chan Hoi Yan.
costumes: (Bobo) Ng Bo Ling.
music: Lo Sai Kit.
ass. director: Yiu Yau Hung (2).
ass. director: Hoh Ga Wah.
ass. director: (Martin) Lau Gwok Wai.
ass. director: (Stephen) Wong Wai Him.
director: (Kent) Cheng Jak Si.

(Nat) Chan Pak Cheung as POW 'Dragon'.
(Andy) Lau Tak Wah as Wah.
(Billy) Lau Nam Kwong POW 'Donald Duck'.
Shing Fui On. as POW ('Banana'?)
(Kent) Cheng Jak Si as POW Chocolate.
Chung Fat as Japanese driver.
(Parkman) Wong Pak Man as Japanese Camp officer.
(Anita) Mui Yim Fong as Jone (Jane) Wong.
(Sammo) Hung Kam Bo as Fatty aka Brother Hung.
Chen Kuan Tai as gambler.
(Alan) Tam Wing Lun as Robin
(Jimmy) Lung Fong as POW-camp commander, Army General.
(Max) Mok Siu Chung as Flying (Kwangsi) Tiger 'Little Candy'.
Miu Kiu Wai as Flying (Chekiang) Tiger 'Little Robot'.
(Ben) Lam Kwok Bun as Flying (Canton) Tiger 'Little Dragonfly'.
(Austin) Wai Tin Chi as Flying (Shangtung) Tiger 'Little Tortoise'.
(Wilson) Lam Jun Yin as Flying (Shanghai) Tiger 'Red Horse'.
(Eric) Tsang Chi Wai as Flying (Sigiang) Tiger 'Runaway'.
(Stephen) Chang Gwong Chin as Japanese Camp Doctor.
Lung Tin Sang (1) as Camp doctor's assistant.
(Charlie) Cho Cha Lee as Peter, collaborates with the Japanese.
(Che-Kirk) Wong Chi Keung as Paul, collaborates with the Japanese.
(Joan) Tong Lai Kau as a nurse.
(Jaime) Chik Mei Jan as a nurse.
(Charine) Chan Ka Ling as a nurse
Sin Woon Ching as a nurse.
a parrot as God of Fortune.
(Frankie) Chan Fan Kei as Japanese (Naval) Commander.
(Jason) Pai Piao as Japanese (Army) Commander.
(Gordon) Liu Chia Hui as Japanese (Airforce) Commander.
(Blacky) Ko Sau Leung as Japanese Ninja (spy Hideki?)
Wong Shu Tung as Japanese commander on party.
Jue Tit Woh as Japanese commander on party.
(Ridley) Tsui Bo Wah as Japanese commander on party.
(Ken) Lo Wai Kwong as Japanese commander on party.

Sin Ho Ying as one of the bodyguards of Chen Kuan Tai.
Lee Chun Wah as one of the men who fight the Flying Tigers.
Mang Long as the Thai who fights Eric Tsang Chi Wai.
Yiu Yau Hung as waiter at the gambling table.

Pieter, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
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