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Ecrit le : Dimanche 10 Août 2014 17h13
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Hi, I'm from Finland and I'm a fan of asian cinema. I love everything from old school kung fu to Gofrey Ho to modern S. Korean stuff to anime.
Been collecting vhs about 20 years or so. doofywave.gif
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Ecrit le : Vendredi 15 Août 2014 04h23
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Anybody still posting here? Pieter? JL? Hope you guys are doing well. wink.gif

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Ecrit le : Vendredi 15 Août 2014 07h59
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Hi Tequila,

I'm doing well, thanks for asking.
Haven't seen much movies these last years and I've been very busy with the site I'm running;
but I still keep an eye on this part of the forum.


Pieter, Amersfoort, The Netherlands.
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Ecrit le : Vendredi 22 Août 2014 23h26
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Hey HKC Fans,

My name is Jan Lucanus. I'm a life-long, 2nd generation martial artist/Shaw Brothers geek/comic book fan, and my team and I publish "JFH: Justice For Hire", the most downloaded martial arts comic series. We've created several short films and videos that tie into the comic book narrative, and our latest film is our biggest yet, "JFH: Retribution Task Force". The film stars John Machado (David Mamet's "Redbelt"), Ahmed Best ("Star Wars"), Mercer Boffey ("Rake"), Sean Brosnan ("Generation Kill"), pro fighter Maximillion Chen (son of the Living Treasure of China, Grandmaster William C. C. Chen), and more. Fight scenes coordinated by stunt veteran Mike Mukatis (“Transformers 4”). Please check it out and subscribe, and you'll find a link to a free comic book download in the description. Thanks!

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