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> Royal Tramp édition Remasterisée, dispo à partir du 24.12.2007
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Ecrit le : Vendredi 21 Décembre 2007 10h00
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Vu sur Yesasia, mais d'autres sites de ventes confirment la même date de sortie.

Voici les spéc et le visuel :

Stephen Chow's classic wuxia comedies Royal Tramp and Royal Tramp 2 get the digitally remastered DVD treatment they deserve with this 3-DVD box set! This edition comes with a "42 Chapters Sutra" gift (deleted dialogue and notebook) and a bonus disc containing deleted scenes, trailers, photo galleries, and interviews with director Wong Jing. .
Adapted - quite loosely - from the famous Jin Yong (a.k.a. Louis Cha) novel The Duke of Mt. Deer, the Royal Tramp films tell the tale of Wai Siu Bo (Stephen Chow), a tricky layabout who chances into a plot to overthrow the Qing Dynasty! The Heaven and Earth Society draft him to steal the "42 Chapter Classic", a legendary martial arts tome, from the Imperial Palace, but to do so, he has to pretend to be a eunuch. The Emperor's sister (Chingmy Yau) sees through his deception, but she's willing to keep quiet if Wai compensates her - with his body! Meanwhile, the Empress Dowager Lung Yi (Sharla Cheung), who's secretly working for the Dragon Sect, angles to take over the country, but Wai Siu Bo manages to thwart her plans. She returns to seek revenge with her face magically changed to look like wuxia screen goddess Brigitte Lin! Can a crafty, but physically inept scoundrel like Wai Siu Bo stand up to her supreme kung-fu powers?

The Royal Tramp films may not be the most faithful adaptation of Jin Yong's works, but they're easily the most side-splitting! Stephen Chow is in top comic form as Wai Siu Bo, and ably demonstrates the comic talent that made him one of Hong Kong's biggest box-office superstars. There's kung-fu too; both films feature fluid, energetic fight choreography from Ching Siu Tung (Hero) mixing inventive action with crazy situation comedy. A huge cast of top Hong Kong names, including frequent Stephen Chow collaborators Ng Man Tat, Elvis Tsui, Sandra Ng, and Nat Chan Bak Cheung round out the cast. Gorgeous actresses Fennie Yuen and Michelle Reis are also on hand to up the eye candy quotient. Director Wong Jing keeps the comedy coming fast and furiously, and audiences obviously appreciated his and Stephen Chow's efforts. Both Royal Tramp films were among the five top-grossing films in Hong Kong in 1992. The other three films? They also starred Stephen Chow!

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Si la box était dispo en France (en vostf), je serais tt de suite preneur ! Car les films sont pas mal du tout, aussi au niveau action qu'au niveau comédie.

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